Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Contest Winners

The winners of our contest are

Grand Prize: Little Golden Fairy
She will receive a gift basket for "Family Night at the Movies". It contains a $10 Blockbuster Gift Certificate, Family size box of Microwave Popcorn, 2-liter Soda, Candy, and a gift certificate for 20 Custom-Designed Christmas Cards, designed by Holly Ford

Child First Prize: Witchety Witch
Adult First Prize: Alice in Wonderland

They will each receive a "Night at the Movies" gift pack. It contains a $10 Blockbuster Gift Certificate, 2 20-oz. sodas, 2 Individual Popcorn Packs, and 2 Theater Candy boxes.

If you are one of these winners, please contact Living Love Photos to claim your prize.


  1. Some really great photos here! I am particularly partial to the precious little Angel (Golden Fairy Angel) - she's just gorgeous!

    You do a wonderful job at capturing the magic in each person, I must say~

  2. Hooray, thank you! I can't wait to come back for Christmas pictures :) you guys do a terrific job.